Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Painting Compilation!

Oh my goodness, these past few weeks have been packed! Lots of fun though, just haven't had a lot of time to post what I've been working on. From the 9th-12th I was at an art "bootcamp" down in L.A. with a bunch of friends at Sheldon Borenstein's (one of my professors) art school. Those four days we drew and learned from 10am until 1am, so about 15 hours a day. That was such an incredible experience and I feel like I learned so much. I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to go.

The week after that I went to a "figure drawing marathon" back at SJSU. That was such an incredible opportunity too! I got to learn from Mark McDonnell (who works at Disney), Cameron Chun (an SJSU professor), and Glenn Vilppu (a flipping god at figure drawing). I learned so much and got so many drawings in, it was awesome! I intend to post up some of my drawings... but we'll see how soon that happens.

And now classes start back up tomorrow! (well... I don't have classes on wednesday, so it actually starts thursday for me) Looking forward to this semester though, I'm gonna be taking some great classes. Things are looking bright and I'm feeling blessed!

Haha, anyway, though all of that I've been trying to keep on top of my daily paintings. I've finally found the time to post, so here they are! (some of them are really rough, unfinished, or just plain bad, but I like some of em!)

Trying out a different sort of silhouette technique and then added some details. (Haha, there's a lot more to see when it's enlarged)

A friend of mine inspired this with his idea, it's supposed to be a bunch of robots that overthrew a kingdom of humans. Haha, I like the idea!

While I was waiting at the airport in Burbank I painted this. I think this is my first digital painting from life.

A very fast piece... didn't have a lot of time and nothing really took form other than this abstractness!

I downloaded a trial version of ArtRage. It's pretty fun! Feels very different that photoshop, a lot more painterly.

I was thinking of little red riding hood... not sure why. I think I was painting a bunch of green and thought "you know, something red would probably work well here."

Thanks for looking! More to come soon!


  1. red would work good with green cause its the opposite color! very high contrast!!

  2. Finally I signed up for Blogspot so that I can make comments on your great artwork!

    I think your paining skills are getting better and better since Spring 2011. I think the next thing I want to see more in your art, is some kinda more and more originality.. meaning that whatever 3 hour painting or every little 5 min doodles that you do, I want to be able to tell that you specifically were the one who drew it. so even if your artwork doesn't have your name on it, everyone can tell that Brandon did it! and I think I'm seeing more and more of it while you're developing different kinds of skills each day just by looking at your blog!

    Like when I see Van Gogh's paintings, and Monet's paintings,they are both impressionists and Van Gogh was influenced by Monet, but I think most ppl would be able to distinguish between the two, and I think especially the way you paint these days, I'm seeing more and more originality each day, what makes your paintings look special!!

    or I don't know if I wanna use the word originality, because all these paintings are your original work but more like..? not habit..our 55 teacher told us not to get into a habit in art...but some kinda technique that you use...hmm what am I trying to say...? sorry to confuse you...maybe the word, taste...?

    yeah, that's the word! taste!! I think you're developing your own taste!!

    I'm a big fan of your art since I first met you, and your drawing and painting skills are getting better and better every time I come to your blog.

    and Alice once said that we should never stop learning, and we should always build up our skills of how well we can draw, and take it to the next level..

    I also like the color scheme that you use, and the brush strokes that looks like lines..I also see a lot of Cal State Cool in your paintings...I think I really feel like its your art when I look at your color schemes and your brush strokes...some of your digital paintings looks almost like oil paintings, and I can't believe how fast you are learning how to paint well...I think it's because you want to learn more, and you do one painting a day..doing art 10 minutes everyday, is better than doing 8 hours of painting once a week...you learn more..

    and personally I do want to see more high res images to look into details, but no, don't post high res paintings, as you said before! lol

  3. sorry Im talking too much, but I also like the composition and concepts of your art..I wanna go to fantastic places like this! like the crystal castle and the green aurora..I like story boarding, and I can totally write a whole story by looking at one of your paintings...