Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daily Painting #153

This one took quite a while to just figure out what I wanted to paint, but eventually came up with a story for it. My thoughts at first were just that there was some sort of person that was sitting there overlooking some sort of landscape. The landscape also started off with a bunch of pillar looking things, but I wanted something a little more interesting than that. 

So I made the person a robot dude, and the pillars a bunch of statues. Now (not that you can really tell this by looking at the piece right away) I tried making the statues look like various "heroic" robots. I'm thinking that this piece, if finalized, would be titled "Conquerors of Man" as though robot kind had overcome mans rule of earth.

I'm still thinking about if I should keep the statues as robot heroes, as though it were a long and ancient past that robots had to overtake mankind. Or perhaps I could change them to sort of famous/recognizable statues... OR, I just thought if this now, maybe I could add a human sitting next to the robot representing that the robots and humans have become equals long after an ancient struggle for robot rights! (Haha, I'm just thinking of ideas for stories)

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