Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily Painting Compilation (From Imagination) - 03

These are all various daily paintings I did in photoshop over the past third of a year. I'm planning on probably posting these as individual posts in the future, but I wanted to catch up to the present all in one go.

Doing these sort of paintings every day has helped me improve a lot I think. My eye for color and composition has improved vastly from what I can tell! Still have a long way to go though, so I should be doing these for quite some time (or at least I hope so!)

Also, as a note, these are all very rough pieces. All of them are done in under an hour and some of them are really more of an experiment for myself than anything else (but I'm posting 'em because... well that's what blogs are for aren't they!). So yeah, they could all use a lot of refinement. I also did not use any reference for any of these (they could definitely all benefit from some good reference)

Anyway I hope you like them, and please let me know what you think!

So, this was my first painting from out of my head. I believe this is the fourth "daily painting" I made. As you can probably tell, I was quite confused as to how to go about it. I didn't really know what colors to use, how to utilize them, and even just my painting skills were not where I wanted them to be. I remember intending this piece to be a reference point, and boy, I think it sure shows how much I improved!

Well, that first piece I attempted to do from my head was kind of scary for me, so I committed quite a bit of time to try to understand color and environments a little bit better. This is day #68. I could see a pretty big difference, so I was excited!

This is the first piece where I implemented a technique that I saw to find a color pallet. I basically found an image that I liked, made a random collage out of it, and then color picked from that to get the initial colors. I completely invented the imagery, but it helped speed up the process and gave me nice colors to work with (you can probably find the image that I used in "Daily Painting Compilation - 01"

This is supposed to be some sort of industrial town that was build upon a lush island protruding from the center of a (mostly) inactive volcano. It's supposed to use the gasses from the volcano to help power the city (and the grass is supposed to be slightly different from normal grass due to some of the toxicity in the vapors).

Fun piece to paint! (well, even more so than usual) Supposed to be some giant evil-ish tower thing.

This piece definitely needs a lot more work on it before it'll be anything.

This was mostly just an experiment with color and to try painting a jungle from my head... I found out it is difficult (haha, and that guys face really bothers me, he needs to be fixed). I should practice that some more now!


First attempt painting from my imagination on my laptop with my older and smaller graphire4 wacom tablet. The colors were really wonky when I looked on my desktop (mostly just over saturated). So I just pulled it back a bit in photoshop.

Fun piece! I experimented with painting using only the size of my brush set to pressure sensitivity for most of the painting and having opacity manually controlled. I really like how the painting style can look (I'm still experimenting with it).

Second piece from my imagination that I painted on my laptop.

I liked the colors for this!

This piece really needs a lot of reworking. Supposed to be some sort of ship in an abandoned building that this guy is using as a workshop of sorts.

Mostly just an experiment with color.

Had a great time with this piece! I had the idea of these giant ancient statue guys (that were at one point maybe a people) that are trying to get to something bright way over yonder, then having some normal sized people discovering this place and interacting with the giant statutes.

Title to be: "There's a Cloud Hanging Over Me" I was feeling down the day I was painting this, but it really helped. I found the song "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles that day and listened to it pretty much the whole time I made this. It really helped to sort of paint out my feelings. I really like where the piece is going too!

Third painting with laptop. Ha, and that ship originally looked just like a star destroyer... ha, I tried to change it a bit, but I'm not sure if it helped too much.

Kind of a color experiment, and I think I like how it came out.

This was a fun piece to paint! Sack-rih-fice, sack-rih-fice! (haha, he's sacrificing gold or fruit or gerbils or something)  It started out pretty boring too. Just laying down some values, and they turned into three grey mountains. I just looked at it for a sec then realized, "Those are going to be volcanoes."
Just painted this today actually (err... or yesterday now I guess) Haha, some kind of random elements, but experimenting mostly with some painting techniques.

Haha, I will be quite impressed if anyone actually takes the time to read all of that text!

I hope some of the pieces were worthwhile though. I'd really love to know which ones you guys like!

I intend to start smaller and more frequent postings soon now, so hopefully I'll be putting up some stuff you enjoy looking at.


  1. Hey Brandon...nice art! Imaginative, compelling, great perspectives, texture and color.

  2. Gah! You make me seem so lazy! I need to make more art..

    A lot of these paintings remind me of the imagery from the show "Firefly" and "Castle in the Sky." My favorites of these are the tall purple thing and the one 3 below that with the not-star destroyer.

    Oh and this is Danielle by the way. :-)