Friday, October 14, 2011

Figure Drawing "Portfolios"

 WARNING! There may or may not be (and probably are) some naked-ish people drawn below... maybe.

I have some really incredible classes this semester. It always fun when you can tell you're improving! Here's some work from my figure drawing class with Sheldon Borenstein (who is an INCREDIBLE artist. His figure drawings look like they're from the renaissance. Recently he was hired by Disney to teach their animators how to draw better. That's how good he is. I am impressed if you can't tell.) Just being in his class you can almost feel the artistic energy radiating from him. I feel like I've really improved a lot at my figure drawing in just the, what, little under two months of the semester? It's exciting! Looking forward to improving more! MOAR I SAY!!! But yeah, these are some drawings I'm am going to submit tomorrow (and some I've submitted earlier) for our "portfolio" where Sheldon reviews our work.

Portfolio 2: Structure


Portfolio 1: Gesture

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