Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily Paintings #172-175

So I haven't posted my daily's for a few days due to my time being sucked up by a pretty time intensive project for one of my art classes, but I've still been painting every day! So here they are, all of them are done in an hour or less (and in some cases a lot less).

I painted this at school pretty quickly, I had to catch the bus in 30 minutes and took about 20 minutes to paint this.
This is from a photo that I don't own the copyright to (I like the picture a lot)
This was really fun, I just wanted to paint something that was pretty abstract and try out some various painting techniques)
Haha, this was really fun to paint! Robot with a unicorn! (that unicorn was gonna be just some people at first... but then I thought that's too boring, and what's better than unicorns?!)


  1. These are so sick! I especially like the last two. :D

    Your consistency and experimentation are inspiring!

  2. Dude...your techniques on the abstract are tight!! You're killing it man...